Saturday, 11 February 2017

Palau Sant Jordi - Barcelona


20h doors

22h Start



Tickets sold out


The REFUGEES-WELCOMING NIGHT is the most eagerly awaited night of the campaign Casa nostra, casa vostra. A night where all of us must be in order to shout out hard that we want to welcome all those people that have been forced to run away perforce from home and risking their lives in the Mediterranean sea, among other places. And we also want to welcome those who already live here.

The Refugees-Welcoming Night is a great show directed by La Fura dels Baus and the Primavera Sound which will count with the performances of different important figures of the music and scenic arts world. A unique experience to defend the rights of refugees and migrants, those who have arrived and those who will soon come.

Participate in this historical experience! A spectacular night with thousands of moments that we will remember forever. Let's make it clear that Catalonia is, as always has been, a welcoming land!



If you cannot come to the concert but you want to collaborate with the campaign, you may carry out a totally anonymous bank transfer to the following account number: ES29 1491 0001 2130 0007 0485 (Triodos Bank).


Organization and production:

Casa nostra, casa vostra

Primavera Sound

La Fura dels Baus


Children under 16 years must be accompanied by their parents or their leal tutor properly identified. They have also to bring to the concert this document that can be download here.

* consulta les condicions de compra

ATENCIÓ: els menors de 0 a 15 anys hauran d'accedir acompanyats de progenitors (pares) o tutor legals. Els pares i/o tutors legals hauran de portar la documentació que els identifiqui com a tals.
Tots els assistents (siguin menors o majors d'edat) ha d'adquirir la seva entrada per poder accedir al concert.
Aquestes condicions són les referents a la relació amb la promotora, s’hauran d’acceptar les condicions de l’empresa de tiqueting, que són diferents.
Serà indispensable portar a sobre un document oficial d’identitat en tot moment.
IMPORTANT: el codi de la teva entrada permet l’accés al recinte un sol cop. És la teva responsabilitat custodiar-lo i evitar que pugui ser duplicat. No publiquis la teva entrada a les xarxes social, no la imprimeixis en llocs no segurs i guarda-la fora de l’abast de terceres persones.